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Yesterday Nawaz Sharif was called before the JIT and some pictures were released on the social media from Mariyam Nawaz’s tweeter account. Everyone was looking very happy and very satisfied that Nawaz Sharif is going before the JIT and things like that. And when he came back another picture was shared on the social media in which we can see that no one was happy.

The events which happened inside the JIT were very unpleasant as far as Nawaz Sharif is concerned. And he made a very aggressive speech when he came out of the JIT. He threatened that Pakistan will break into pieces if they are not allowed to complete their tenure.

This was a major threat which was made by Prime Minister of Pakistan and nothing can be as bad as this. If this threat would have made by Altaf Hussain or someone else the establishment would have ripped him apart.

Nawaz Sharif said that the way JIT questioned him he is not hopeful about the outcome of the results. They will definitely disqualify him and it is better that he should leave the seat and resign himself. But his cabinet was not of the opinion of that. They said that they will not allow him to resign.

The PMLN is ready for confrontation and they will go to extreme to protect Nawaz Sharif. This is not the first time they are planning something like that. Once they have stormed the Supreme Court and they are ready once again.

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