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Mubashir Luqman is back with a bang on his live show Khara Sach. He was banned by his channel after his program against MQM and the chief of them Altaf Hussain. After the nine zero raid the MQM leader ship accused the rangers and security agencies of violating human rights and accused them of destroying the property of MQM.

MQM also accused the ranger of the weapons recovered from the nine zero were brought by the rangers in blanket. The rangers spokesman denied the allegation. There were CCTV cameras installed inside nine zero and whole action and operation was captured on them. It was not easy for Mubashir Luqman to get that video of those CCTV cameras.

As Mubashir has not been going good with MQM and latest problems which MQM were facing were caused by Mubashir Luqman’s program.

We must praise Mubashir Luqman’s connections as how he managed to get that video from nine zero. We can clearly see in the cameras footage that rangers did not do any thing which was against the law and they neither damaged and property inside nine zero.

Target killers were caught on scene from inside the nine zero and can be seen in the footage. Now how can MQM deny and how they can prove their allegations against the rangers.

MQM must clear them selves either they are with the terrorists or they are against them. They must hand over any criminals who are involved in crimes to the security agencies.

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