A sad story

London: The women rights is always been a talking point in India. This footage shows that a girl who wanted to marry with the boy she liked. But they were not allowed to marry each other. The reason is very simple the parents did not approved it.

And in Pakistan and India we know that the standard for the marriage is very difficult to meet. You should be of the same cast and same family. People believe in such things and no one will marry their son in low families. Especially in India the dowry is seen as the right of the groom.

Parents of the boy demand in millions from the parents of the girl. A conference was conducted on the issue of Dower in The Stafford London Hotel. The participants liked the way the conference hall was managed by the hotel management.

It was spacious enough to house a full congregation of any organization in the world. The location is ideal in the Central London so that anyone can come by the public transit and the staff of the Stafford London is very well trained to organize such kind of conferences.

The marriages are an issue in sub continent and even those families of Pakistan and India who have shifted to the London and live there still have the same culture. The girls are not allowed to marry by their own will and wish. They would be forced to marry the men of their choice.

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