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There are not a lot of good minds left which can entertain Pakistani people in a positive manner. People will most of the times look for vulgar stuff and things which have glamour in them. They amore likely to get the attention of people and get ratings.

Same thing happened on this Eid, while PMERA was silent as ever and they did nothing to issue a code of conduct for the TV owners keeping in view the festival of Eid. But they are only vigilant against things which come under the political opposition of the government.

PEMRA should have been a neutral institution but it has become the watchman for the government and PMLN. The Chairman Absar Alam is said to be on the payroll of the Nawaz Sharif and Sharif family. And he will not bother about anything else but only for the Sharif family’s political issues.

People will see whatever is shown to them and even if it is shown to them on the national TV. Absar Alam and other members of PMERA were on leaves and no one among people raised the issue of indecency on the media during eid festival.

There is only one solution to this problem and that is to look out for transmission for yourself and keep an eye on it. Only those programs should be watched with family which you are assure about. PTV is the only left option in this case.


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