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Mulla Fazlullah chief of Tehreek E Talibaan Pakistan the terrorist network who is fighting against army and he was involved in killings of many innocent people was killed last night in air strikes at Teera. This was the biggest achievement in the war against terror and specially after the Peshawar incident in which 130 innocent children were martyred by these Takfiri group a militery opeation Zarb E Azab was launched.

For the first time Political consensus was made over the issue whole nation political parties and military leadership were on the same page not to let any terrorist get away.Mullah Fazlullah was involved in this shameful act of killings of children who were for studying at school. How a person can become so much cruel no sane human being can be that cruel.

These psychopaths deserve hell and they must get their just reward of the atrocities they have committed over the years. These cowards do not have the courage to fight the Pakistan Army in fact they target civilian people. In the history of human this has never been done they way innocent children were killed. No religion or no human can think of killing these children.

General Raheel Sharif is a brave and committed army chief he vowed and promised to kill all the terrorists and uproot their network. Mullah Fazlullah was sent to hell in last nights air strike by Pakistan Ait Force.

Pakistani people are standing behind the Army and they are always behind the army. Pakistan army has never let down the people and they have sacrificed their lives before and now also.

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