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New York: Nehal Hashmi gave a speech full of threats against the Judges of the Supreme Court and the members of JIT. He not only made threats to the members but also to the children of the JIT and Honorable bench of the Supreme Court.

The court did not took long to take the notice of the contempt of the court. Meanwhile after the statement they court has ordered an inquiry in to the matter and has said that there are people behind the speech of Nehal Hashmi and they will clarify those issues.

After the pressure from court the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif took notice of the matter and canceled his membership of the Nehal Hashmi of the party. And afterwards asked him to give resignation from the membership of Senate. Nehal Hashmi agreed to what his party leadership said but he met today with the Chairman of the Senate and asked him to delay the matter of his resignation.

This clearly shows that the government is ready to defend the statement of Nehal Hashmi and as the judges were saying they are ready to own the statement of Nehal Hashmi. This has not happened for the first time. The PMLN has the history and nature of doing such things.

The Supreme Court building attack case is in front of everyone and you will see Nawaz Sharif having clashes with heads of all the institutions. Nawaz Sharif wants to be a king and anyone who speaks against his steps will have to bear his anger. Unfortunately being a democracy he cannot do it directly and uses these kind of steps.

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