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There are many places on the face of the earth where humans have not set their feet. There are many places on the earth which have not been seen by a human eye. But despite of all of this there are place where humans live and we cannot believe how they reached here and how they have managed to live in these tough places.

When we think that how much difficult it is to live in the deserts. People have to cover long distances in search of water, heat and other issues make the deserts a very tough place to live. But still we know that there are countries which have most of the areas consisting of deserts. Most of the Arab states are located on deserts and they have now changed everything into vegetation.

And quiet the opposite of the deserts are the mountains. There are areas in the world where still we do not have roads and electricity and other facilities. But still there are populations of humans. Even in the Antarctica we have human populations. The tallest mountains of the world have human populations at their bases.

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These places are worth visiting and they are located on the most dangerous roads of the world. The road leading to these mountains are not easy either. They are like walking through the death when you want to reach to such places. The roads are very tough and in fact there aren’t any roads. These are just marks of a path and nothing more.

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