Village life and life

In London there are many people who want to live the country life. While the city of London is the focus of the world and people from around the world flock to London just because it has the beautiful environment and it is safe for everyone. On the other hand there are certain people who would say that they do not like it in London.

For those people the country life is more attractive and they fell the calmness of countryside to relax. A show has just did that with some of the girls. These girls were thinking that they could live the life of village very easily and they wanted to live there.

Until they were taken to a real village and given the challenges which they had to complete in order to win. So it proved that it was very difficult for the girls from big cities to live like women and girls of the villages. These girls are not very strong physically and they find it hard to adjust with the life style of villages.

The work in the farm is very difficult where you will have to feed the cow and other animals. You will have to clean the area and farm. While there things many be different but the most difficult thing is to milk cows and other animal. There the true courage is tested and we find it who can actually lie the village life.

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