Weird Body builder

If anything crosses the limits it becomes dangerous. Bodybuilding is now not just a sport it is becoming obsession and passion for the men. We see people working hard at the gym just to be fit. But there are those who want to be strong and build a beautiful body.

There is no harm in doing that but there should be a proper way of doing it. No short cut should be used as it can lead to certain death. Off lately we have seen in the news young boys dying of using steroids to make their body strong and masculine.

They could have done that by working hard and by being patient but they chose the short cut and ultimately the result was so bad. Here is another example of explaining this. This man is a professional body builder or we should say he was a professional body builder.

Now he has become a monster and a weird thing. The reason is the same he used medicines and steroids just to look strong and powerful in short span of time. Now he will have to live with it. In Pakistan there are no professional trainers who could train young men to build their bodies.

In every street you will find a gym and basically it would be couple of machines and weights put up there. Whatever you want to do you will have to do it on your own. And most of the time people damage their muscles or something and leave the gym.

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