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New York: Nawaz Sharif today appeared before the court and the PMLN workers are showing as if they have sacrificed Nawaz Sharif. They do not know that the Supreme Court has given punishments to the previous Prime Ministers of the Pakistan and the court has also ordered to hang an elected Prime Minister in a case.

After coming out of the Judicial complex Building Nawaz Sharif did not sat in his car but came out to talk to press which was anxiously waiting for him to speak. There a prewritten speech which Nawaz Sharif made and did not answered a single question of the press.

It seems that he was not very happy and the prewritten speech was very aggressive and stated threats to establishment in a very bold and aggressive manner. We know that there has been a tug of war for power between the civilian institution and establishment.

And the civilian governments have always taken the cover for portraying themselves innocent. Nawaz Sharif has never enjoyed friendly relationships with the military and judicial institutions. And he sees this time that his government is being taken out by the courts.

Among all this you will never hear that from where the money came and they will never give you any trail of money. Nawaz Sharif will always show that he is a political martyr who was martyred by the establishment. But today he was once again under hammer and had to answer to his subordinates.

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