What is happening in Karachi

Police of Pakistan knows each and every crime happening in the city. Yet they do nothing to stop it. The reason is very simple they get bribe and extortion money from criminals. The latest addition to this filth is the Ice cream parlors and parking areas.
These place are the safe heavens for those who want to have some time together. As we know that these things are not allowed in our society unless you are married. So people look for other options and there are people who provide those options.

These things are in the notice of the police and the Police lets these activity happen. A news team was out to capture something while they discovered a new way. A car was parked inside a ground and on that car they had a cover. So nobody would think that it is being used by someone inside.

It cannot happen unless there someone out there watching for police or any other kind of disturbance. As the media team approached that car they were lucky enough to escape. The camera was not able to capture the face of the couple. But one thing was clear this was the new way and it is happening every where.

Police never checks these places. There could be more issues at parking areas of this kind and other also. Some car lifters steal cars and they leave it in the Parking places. And when the dust settles they take away the stolen vehicles.

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