What is happening in Lahore

Private Schools owners say that they provide Quality education. But there is a hidden agenda which we do not  know. According to a TV channel report a Mud party was organised in a Private School. And if you do not know what a mud party means you have known nothing in your life.

Lahore Mud Festival by aamadmi
The Mud party means that young boys and girls are mixed up together in pool and mud. There they play games have fun and there is nothing which they do not do. This is the culture of west and it is being incorporated slowly in our society.

This is done according to a plan and those people who are becoming the tool for the western people does not even know what they are doing. These things are against the social values of our society. But by teaching these things in schools slowly they want to promote it and make it part of our culture and society.

This is not happening very soon but if no one speaks against this they might achieve what they have thought. And after this happens our ideology and our future and our past every things is lost. The Punjab government and the Chief Minister of Punjab is busy in their political stunts and whatever is happening they do not care about it at all. They do not have any concern about our future. All they care about is the future of their children. And already fragile and substandard education system along with this filth we will end pretty soon.

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