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London: There has been a lot of speculations about leaks on the social media. Pakistani national assembly has passed a bill regarding social media regulations in fact the bill is about all kind of cybercrimes which includes the social media as well.

When the bill was passed there was a lot of uproar that the bill was an attempt to curb the freedom of speech and it was drafted to stop the political opposition of the government on the social media. But the protest on the social media has kept government from taking any kind of action against political opponents.

Meanwhile they have used this law to arrest some people in connection with defaming the Pakistani institutions. And that was a good thing because we cannot allow people to speak against our army. If there is an issue there are ways to object in a positive manner.

Meanwhile there are other things which were discussed in the cybercrimes and that included blackmailing someone by using their pictures. This law has really helped people so that they can report these crimes in the FIA and further the agency investigates and charges people in that connection as well.

Some gangs who has been involved in blackmailing innocent girls have been arrested. One such gang was involved in releasing the pictures of girls and women changing cloths in change rooms. These people use to black mail woman after they left the stores. Woman should be careful about that and try not to change in public.

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